IMSF Mission Goals


To organize, promote, and stimulate the construction and flying of radio controlled model sailplanes and electric powered models; both for sport and competition.

To promote events and contests and sport flying in accordance with policies of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), the League of Silent Flight (LSF), and to support the general policies of these organizations.

To promote harmony and good fellowship between all persons interested in radio controlled sailplanes, electric powered models, and also the community at large.

Membership in IMSF shall be open to all interested persons who desire to associate with like-minded individuals. New members agree to be governed by the bylaws and resolutions of the organization. Membership is granted upon acceptance of the application and review by the board, and upon payment of club membership fees. First-year applicants may also be sponsored by a current club member in good standing.

The club meets on the third Tuesday of each month in the SLC/County Complex at 7:00 pm, Room N3005, Inside the North building.(2100 S. State Street) visitors are always welcome!

IMSF Memebership Application

A.M.A. Long list. Membership and all other club information and forms

AMA Membership Form

AMA Membership Manual

Introductory Pilot Program

Introductory Pilot Instructor Information 

Contest Director Application

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