Soar Utah

Welcome to the Soar Utah 2014 website!  Soar Utah is a biennial event held at Point of the Mountain flight park. The scheduled dates for the events this year are Labor Day weekend from Thursday August 28th  - Monday September 1st, so mark your calendars!

Intermountain Silent Flyers is hosting this event because we enjoy sharing Utah’s unique geography and beautiful scenery with our fellow modelers.  Historically, we have found that many visiting pilots enjoy flying the Point of the Mountain slope as well as participating in aero-towing.

The aero-tow event will be held on Friday August 29th at the Grantsville dry lake bed. These salt flats provide an enormous area suitable not just for the aero-tow but also electrics, hand launch, and ALES.  If there is sufficient demand we can also arrange to have one of our club winches to be available for your use.  We will be aero-towing all day, but even if you do not have a sailplane set up for aero-tow, please come out to watch or fly your electrics, hand launches, etc.  Many of us will be camping out Thursday night on the flats and you are welcomed to join us.  This is a beautiful area with incredible sunrises and sunsets.

During Friday, at the Point of the Mountain, we will have general fun-flying as well as holding a slope racing event (F3F).

The Point of the Mountain in Draper Utah is one of the premier hang gliding and R/C ridge soaring sights in the country.  A state park on the South side is available for ridge soaring.  Typically the wind shifts from the south to the north in the afternoons and a county park also exists on the North side of the Point to support flying.  There are good roads to these parks, plenty of parking as well as restrooms. On the South side there is also a large area that will be a designated for camping.  Intermountain Silentflyers share the ridge with local hang gliding and paragliding clubs.  We work with these clubs to insure that these sites will be available for Soar Utah.  On Monday, September 1st, following Soar Utah, the slopes are available for flying but extra care must be taken while flying as you may be sharing the sky with hang gliders and paragliders.  On the South side there is a designated RC flying area located on the west end of the ridge.  All RC flying on Monday is limited to this area and you must fly from this area to avoid potential air traffic with paragliders and hang gliders.

In previous Soar Utah events, many have stayed through Monday to visit additional flying sites such as Antelope Island and Francis Peak.  Access to Francis Peak is questionable this year due to a mudslide.  There is also the possibility of DSing at Eagle Mountain, located approximately 30 minutes southwest from the Point of the Mountain.

Soar Utah permits a relaxing day filled with fun-flying and a chance to fly with friends.  There will be an informal People’s Choice competition on Saturday to allow pilots and attendees to judge or vote for their favorite scale aircraft.  We will have open flying throughout Saturday and Sunday.  During Sunday, additional F3F racing will be held separate from the fun-flying group and may also include Man-On-Man with One Design 60” racers.

Soar Utah is currently in the early planning stages.  Please check back for links, official schedule, pilot’s entry form, etc.  We hope that we can share our “World Class” slope with you!

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